Device Settings

In the Main Menu Select Device Settings


In this screen you may configure various settings























Description – This is the descriptive name that will represent the device in all screens

Default Template – This defines which template will be used as the Home page when accessing the device from the Dashboard

Max Record Count – The number of all records that will be stored for all Tags combined

Max Record Ave – The Maximum time the records will be stored

Datalog Writes – The time between each datalogged record

Server Reads – The time between each connection to the server from the device

Settings Updates – The time between each time the device downloads any settings changes

Status Updates – The time between Status Page updates

Checkpoints – The time the device checks in regardless of all other settings

Storage Buffer – Location on the device where logged data is stored

Offline Tolerance – If a command is sent in WebControl and the device does not receive it, this is the time in which the command is voided

Write Window – not used


You may choose from a selection of templates to display information about your device(s).